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Catalogue 2021

Catalogue 2011

The paintings by Anna-Maria Kursawe – executed regularly in egg tempera she mixes herself with the use of natural pigments – are distinguished by a densely connected chromaticity and a tight interdigitation of image space and abstract image area. Not infrequently, they structurally have no location, which means the space as such in the picture is clearly built and individual picture images are concretely situated, but no identifiable location is depicted. Moreover, the light is detached from a concrete situation. Places where one is no longer and not yet there; the absence in a fixed context. Often her works show interchangeable architecture, interiors or situations like we see in functional spaces such as airports, infrastructure buildings, hotels, urban fringe areas or also in the digital space. They are places of anonymity and movement. The main pictorial design element is the connection of space, time, and area and their interdependence. The depiction of spaces and location allows visual ambiguity for the observer through their mutual cross-fading and rearrangement. Through this the locations experience something temporary, not exactly tangible. The figures in the picture become part of the spaces and are pictorially treated like their surroundings, under absence of a specific setting. Anna-Maria Kursawe’s paintings reflect current environments, which often are influenced through replaceability and quick changeability. She also transfers these concepts to her architecture bound wall-space-works. These are usually more abstract and dissolve the borders of built architecture, activate the space through minimal placings and make a flowing, overarching spaciousness felt.Hier kommt der englische Text hin.